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~Horses that we have sold~

~Show Up N Show Out AKA Bad Girl~SOLD~

2015 daughter of Firewaters Bad Boy x Capshaw Squaw (time trials record holder at LA Downs.  Super nice and automatic mare that is continuing her career in AL making money every weekend!  Congrats on all your winnings Pam!

~A Reckless Toast AKA Toast~SOLD~

Toast was an amazing mare to train!  She's by Reckless Won x Toast to Dash mare.  She brought home $1944 from BFA in Guthrie her juvenile year.  She went on to place at a few more futurities.  She now resides in NY and will begin her rodeo career.  2022 we spent seasoning her some to the rodeo world.  She's an athlete with a huge motor that won't run past a barrel.  She's the real deal kind of mare!

~A Guy With Fame AKA Coyote~SOLD~

2019 Ruby/Pink Buckle son of Ima Talented Guy x Holy Bart mare.  Super cool guy that anyone can ride anywhere anytime! Started nicely!  Big guy with a hilarious personality!

~Storm Rat AKA Rat~SOLD~

Super nice 2015 gelding that loves his job!  Such a pleaser!  Clocking tough in barrels, started well on poles, and also some breakaway earnings won!  We look forward to him excelling for his new owner in New Jersey! 

~DTF Lo​vely N Famous AKA Frac~SOLD~​

2016 own son of Dash Ta Fame x Tres Seis dam. Frac is super cool! More of a free running but definitely the Dash Ta Fame turning style! Really like him! His first time ever entered he was one hole out of 2D Futurity money and second time entered he ran in the 1D open!!!

~Sandy Famous Frost AKA Sandy~SOLD~

2018 daughter of Orions Fame and out of a Magic Dozen/Sun Frost dam.  Super willing and athletic Future Fortunes filly!  Really coming along nicely!!!

~FlyInMyCocktail AKA Fred~SOLD~

Pretty cool 2019 Future Fortunes gelding by YQH Frenchman Fly x Corona Cocktail mare.  Fred is on track for 2023 futurities!

~Eyesa Rockin Rita AKA Rita~SOLD~

2017 rubicano palomino mare by Brickhouse Fame and out of a Mr Eye Opener dam. Flashy filly that is super fancy! Has been hauled some to see the sights. Rita has a bright future! Big motor with a wicked move!

~Quincys Smashed Pie AKA Momma~SOLD~

~Six Shades of Fame AKA Jerry~SOLD~

~Mister Yoohoo AKA Mister~SOLD~

Super cool 2020 stud colt by Rubys Last Firewater and out of 1D Penny De Klass. Mister will definitely excel! Maternal brother Klassy Mr Jones has definitely left some prints for Mister to follow! 

~Jerry Be Jammin AKA Disco~SOLD~

2018 bay roan stud colt by Jerrys Disco Moon and out of Streak Laico Sugar. High hopes for this athletic dude! Paid in Full to Future Fortunes, BBR Select Stallion Stakes, PESI, and Triple Crown 100!!!

Sold to Kerry Hayes! We look forward to his racing, barrel, and siring career!

Great things to come from this guy!

~Gotta Jet off to Bed AKA Maui~SOLD~

2017 son of Jetometer and out of Gotta Runaway. Very cool dude that just floats! Already loping a set of barrels and loves it! He will be a nice one!! Really hated watching him leave!

~Steakinfortheladies AKA Stripper~SOLD~

2013 gelding by Easy Dashers and out of Paulas x Cash Treat. Bred, raised, and trained here. Big, super nice, futurity winning gelding! Smooth and can cut the clock off! Has won a futurity and has many 1D placings! Update-currently drawing checks in Florida!

~Honor Thy Flame AKA Josey~SOLD~

2018 bay filly by 1D winning money earner and 1D producing Gamblin With Honor and out of an own daughter of Ima Firefighter.

 ~Heza Sucker for Pain AKA Ozzy~SOLD~

2017 big, nice, personable son of Firewaters Bad Boy and out of Linda Classy Cata. Will be an exceptional barrel gelding!!!

~PrescriptionPlaymate AKA Playmate~SOLD~

You talk about a hard running, hard turning, barrel eating machine! This is her! So fun! So easy! Numerous 1D wins-$$$, saddles, other awards! Great mare with a huge heart!!!

~Docs Magic Brudder AKA Big Eddie~SOLD~

~Rose Gold De Bar AKA Coral~SOLD~

2016 super nice and willing futurity prospect! Older lines of working cow horse breeding but this girl loves having a job! She has a lot of grit!

~Flying Comanche AKA Wolf~SOLD~

~KT Flyin Fish AKA Shelia~SOLD~

One of our personal favorites! 2013 super star in the making! Has the right moves! Seasoning out to be 1D bad cat! And has a wonderful personality! She was such a joy to train, ride, and run!

~Pistols N Pansies~AKA Lil Jo~SOLD~

~Miss Frosted Moon AKA Ramona~SOLD~

2015 mare by AP Six Frosted Moons. Very flashy with a head full of sense! Rides quiet and working a nice set of barrels! Paid in Full to FF. She was a neat one to have around!


Super bad cat mare that could cut the clock! Has had some nice foals and in foal for 2019!  

~Scorched Holy Roller AKA Lil Red~SOLD~

There is nothing that this 2017 gelding does not have! Looks, brains, ability, strong maternal and paternal lines! Son of El Scorcho x Streakin Six and out of By Divine Right. Exceptional gelding!  

~Maupin Bottoms~SOLD~

Super nice, sweet, and laid back Fishin Tony and out of a Dashing is Easy mare. Full sister to KT Flyin Fish. This mare should excel with more time and hauling! She is very personable! 

~Katies Country Duck AKA Katie~SOLD~

~Sum Easy Man AKA Reggie~SOLD~

~RM Fishin Floozie AKA Floozie~SOLD~

Floozie is a once in a lifetime horse! Futurity money earner, NBHA TN state show finalist and money earner, jackpot winner, NBHA money earner, rodeo money earner. She's now headed on to her rodeo career! We look forward to seeing her in the standings!!!

***UPDATE~Floozie now holds an arena record!!! Congratulations!!!

~KingontheMountain AKA Seven~SOLD~

2016 super nice, big gelding by Royal Quick Rocket and out of Kitty Kat Dat (Panther Mountain x Zevi). This big dude will carry the mail!!!

~Nikki Gunslinger AKA Gunslinger~SOLD~

~Blame it on my Add AKA Blamer~SOLD~

~First Down Nick AKA Nick~SOLD~

~Sabrinas Wings AKA Smash~SOLD~

~Granger Docs Dolly AKA Dolly~SOLD~

~Ms Famous Gal AKA Witch~

~MRC Happy Heart AKA Happy~SOLD~

~Sun French AKA Dolly~SOLD~

~Shake Em Kid AKA Kid~SOLD~

~KT Super Fish AKA Splinter~SOLD~

~SCR Docs Baroness AKA Tori~SOLD~

~Chilled Below Zero~SOLD~

~Kitty Kat Dat~SOLD~

~Surley a Special One AKA Socks~SOLD~

~Eyam Sasha AKA Ima Jean~SOLD~

2012 daughter of Fishin Tony. Nice filly coming along super well!!! She will have a 4WD dig and run kinda style! Very cool filly!

~Kyanna French Mist AKA Lila~SOLD~

~Chasin Water Birds AKA Birdy~SOLD~

Awesome, athletic, catty 2012 own daughter of Chasin Firewater and out of an own daughter of Streak Laico Bird. Already cruising 4D exhibitions as a late 2yo. Very smart and willing!!! Update on Birdy-Currently placing and winning in the 1D!!!

~Smashing Titles AKA Oscar~SOLD~

2014 son of the Magic Contender and out of proven/proven producing Sabrinas Wings. Very nice boy that is huge!!! Update on Oscar-currently working and running a nice set of barrels. Has been entered a handful of times and running a second off!

~Capshaw Sito AKA Solito~SOLD~

2013 monster stud colt standing 15.2 and hasn't even hit his 2yo birth date yet. Very sweet boy and going to be a good one!!! Update-Solito is currently match racing and has won numerous races!

~Ajs Rocket Fuel AKA Aj~SOLD~

2011 jam up mare that was a pleasure to train! Daughter of Quincy Fuel x Oklahoma Fuel! This mare loves to work! Update-has won several shows and even the second go at the TN NBHA state show! Congrats!!!​

~Raise a Fame AKA Wendy~SOLD~

~Otoes Red Dash AKA Lonnie~SOLD! Drawing 1D Checks!~

~Dancin Chico AKA Chico~SOLD~

~Dadsaiddontcallmesue AKA Sue Boy~SOLD~

~Twisty Tonto Frost AKA Frosty~SOLD~

~Hillbilly Streaker AKA Billy~SOLD~

~Tinys Big Slick AKA Slick~SOLD~

~Perks Private Eye AKA Magnum~SOLD~

~Crown Gets Me Frisky AKA Barney~SOLD~

~KKRunninfromthestorm AKA Rock~SOLD~

~Zans Sugar Robbin AKA Cha Ching~SOLD~

~Pie In The Socks AKA Callie Ann~SOLD~

~The Magic Speed AKA Speedy~SOLD~

~Firewaterinthesky AKA Sky~SOLD~

~KVS Definitely Insane AKA Sasha~SOLD~

~Flit on My Mind AKA Chillie~SOLD~

Awesome mare! Love this mare and she is the easiest horse to ride! Ground is not an issue and runs with an oring! Open shows, big shows, rodeos-does not matter with this gal! Good mare!!!

~Gimme the Title AKA G Man~SOLD~

~One More Cocktail AKA Cocky~SOLD~

~VF Time Bank AKA Penny~SOLD~

~TWR Doctari Pacifica AKA Bailey~SOLD~

~She Knows Shez Bad AKA Dixie~SOLD~

~Rosies Last Guy AKA Rusty~SOLD~

~Good Morning June AKA June~SOLD~

~Cash for Birthday AKA Bell~SOLD~

~Buds to You AKA Bud~SOLD~

Really awesome son of Strawflyin Buds and grandson of On a High. Numerous wins and money earnings. Solid 1D 11yo gelding that loves to turn. The video is of him just floating through.

~SF Come N Gettum AKA Corndog~SOLD~

Own son of Frenchmans Feature and out of Davey Girl. Good gelding that is sure to be solid 1D in the near future!

~Sixums Preacher Man~SOLD~

~Red Rare Jet~

~Okie Shawnee~SOLD

~Shelbys Honky Tonk AKA Tonk~SOLD~

~Marie Flowers AKA Marie~SOLD~

~Missy Streakin Six AKA Missy~SOLD~

~Money Round AKA Pac~SOLD~

~Mia Fastball AKA Mia~SOLD~

~Z Okey Girl AKA Z~SOLD~

Awesomely built coming 3yo with a good head on her. Very willing and capable and riding like a top. She should be a contender when her futurity season rolls around. Full sister to the 2010 Alabama Breeder's Futurity Cup winner. Granddaughter of Okie Dokey Dale on top and granddaughter of Zevi on the bottom.

~Catch Me Wizn AKA Wizr~SOLD~

~Itsezonasmoothviking AKA Ona~SOLD~

I love this mare and raised her from a baby. Broke out easily and will do anything asked. She has the heart of her momma and the ability of her ancestors to make an awesome mare!!!

~Caps Final Edition AKA Captain~SOLD~

~Logans Western Truffle AKA Ice Box~SOLD~

~Papa T Contender AKA Papa T~SOLD~

~UUU Oops AKA Oops~SOLD~

~Leos Knockout AKA TKO~SOLD~

~Knockout Rose AKA Rose~SOLD~

Good looking, big 2yo mare. Riding nice and ready to go on with. She should be the ultimate futurity mare. Granddaughter of First Down Dash and granddaughter of Dashing Val.

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